Popular Jamaican Destinations

Jamaica is one of the most exotic and diverse travel destinations. Maybe you are planning to vacation in Jamaica, these are some of the most popular destinations in Jamaica.

Most visited vacation destinations in Jamaica


Kingston is the capitol of Jamaica and the most Americanized part of the island. Many of the islanders who live in Kingston are very into American fashion and culture. McDonalds and other fast food chains are super popular in Kingston. If you are looking for the true, Authentic Jamaican culture, Kingston is a location you may want to visit for a day only.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay, Jamaica will be one of the most relaxing vacations you could possibly take. With it’s year round warm weather, swimming, snorkelling at Doctor’s Cave and Fletcher Beach. Dive in the ominously named Widowmaker’s Cave or play golf on courses such as Half Moon and Tryall. When the sun goes down, feast like kings on jerk chicken, dance to a reggae beat and gamble on Gloucester Avenue.


Negril Jamaica is for the young at heart who like to party 24-7. Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach is just that: seven miles of perfect, unbroken sand. People watching is grand here, as strollers mix with the local vendors in an unending, sun-washed dance. There is no end to the plethora of restaurants and bars along the beach, one hotel after the other.

Ocho Rios

Port Antonio

Runaway Bay