Jamaican Climate and When to Go

There is never a good time not to travel to Jamaica. The island’s year round balmy climate makes this a travel mecca for people all over the world. The American dollar conversion is usually to our advantage, and I have always found souveneirs and activity packages to be more than reasonable.

As with any popular vacation destination, there are high and low seasons for tourism, knowing the ebb and flow of seasonal demands will help. High season means tourism is at its peak, and nearly all hotels will be booked. Meanwhile, during the low season, big-ticket items such as accommodations and even airfare can be deeply discounted.
The months of December through April are usually high season since travellers want to escape from the winter blues. With miles of sandy beaches calling your name, and temperatures averaging between 71 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit year round, travellers find this to be the most ideal time for their Jamaican vacation. Expect higher prices on vacation packages and the possibility of over booked hotels. Holidays, such as New Years Eve, require booking a room as much as one year in advance. Beaches will be mor corwded and reservations will be a necesity for popular activities such as golf or dinner reservations.
High sea
Still, there’s a reason why people choose to visit during the high season. Not only is Jamaica a nice change of pace from winter weather, but many festivals also take place. Carnival is one of the Caribbean’s best known festivals; it takes place the week following Easter in either March or April. Junkanoo is Jamaica’s traditional Christmas celebration, and several yacht races take place in the early months of the year.
Ironically, summertime is the low season in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Though Jamaica is always a popular destination, the slower summer season from mid-April to mid-December means less travellers. Although vacation packages can be cheaper, services in the hotels may not be full-service. Restuarants and bars tend to close earlier and resorts may be expeiencin removations at this time.
May and June and October and November are Jamaica’s rainy seasons.
This is also hurricane season, so you may want to inquire about hurricane season when planning your Jamaican vacation. Hurricans are usually no real threat in the Caribean, but this could be an inconvenience for your travel plans. On a positve note, some of the above inconveniences may be worth it with discounts up to 50% on some hotels.
As always, the choice is yours. Visitors travel during both the low and high seasons regularly, and Jamaica is always popular. For some, the difference between the two seasons may not be as noticeable as it may be for others.