Special Afternoon Feast at the Angelina Tearoom


Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

The Angelina Tea House on rue de Rivoli is a great place to have afternoon tea, as it is a place that offers a wide variety of scrumptious meal options, especially if you go for a combination of hot chocolate, bread and dessert.

The Angelina Hot Chocolate has been a popular choice among people in Paris. This hot chocolate is quite similar to the well-loved Belgian drinking chocolate. It is just as rich and velvety-smooth but has a deeper and more complex chocolate flavor.

For bread, you can order the Brioche Toasts for the afternoon feast. It comes with butter, jam, honey, and their famous chestnut cream. Although, their bread is in great competition with some of Paris best bread, it is actually the chestnut cream that is the highlight of this order. This unique spread is made from the highest quality chestnuts in France and superior Madagascar vanilla beans. This makes it so unique and delicious that jars of the cream are sold at all Angelina salons.

For dessert, you should definitely try the chestnut-based Mont-Blanc. The Trocadéro is also an excellent choice. Although, it is not popular as the Mont-Blanc, it is equally delightful. It is made of two types of hazelnut biscuits and both chocolate and hazelnut cream. It is finally encased in milk chocolate with ground almonds and topped with whipped milk chocolate cream.

With an afternoon feast that is as luxurious as this, it is no wonder that the Angelina Tearoom is always associated with luxury and heavenly treats, thus attracting a number of people to try their mouth-watering feast.